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On his very first visit to Italy, Adam was captivated by the divine detailing engraved in every structure, painting, and sculpted work of art. He gained a deep appreciation for the meticulous craftsmanship that defined the Renaissance Era, and was especially inspired by the celestial marvels decorating the ceilings of Italian churches and the magnificent lapis zodiac clock in Piazza San Marco.  Thus, the Constellation Collection emulates the attentive artistry of the old world manifested by the cultural movement of the Renaissance.  From hand-engraving to gem-faceting, each distinguished piece from this collection embodies a sentiment of tradition and a story of time’s past to be forever treasured.


intricate uniqueness




Adam’s enjoyment of the outdoors, birds and other wildlife creatures serves as the foundation for the Plume Collection. Inspired by the intricate detail and uniqueness of each individual feather on various birds he observes during weekend trips to the country, he seeks to re-create these attributes in the pieces he designs for the Plume Collection. Adam provides an experience through this collection that truly speaks to the personality of the wearer.


individually tailored




Crafted specifically to the individuality and personality of each wearer, Adam’s dazzling assortment of bespoke pieces are truly remarkable. By using old-world tools and techniques, he composes beautiful fine jewelry with precision and reverence that is tailored from conception to final creation. Adam is available to work with clients one-on-one to create custom designs.